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Are you at a weight that lets you feel and look your best? If not, it's time to start managing your weight.

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Weight Loss: No Magic Potion

Lisa Anderson had been gaining weight for years. But it wasn't until her 50th birthday that she looked in the mirror and decided to make a change. This is her inspiring story...

Weight Loss: Start Where You're Comfortable

Holly was never worried about her weight, until she began to notice the effects of a college lifestyle and living in the soul-food-filled South. After reaching almost 200 pounds, she decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes.

Weight Loss: The Hardest Part Is Starting

It happens to many of us -- the years add up and so do the pounds. Kelvin Perry decided he was ready for a change, and with some help, he's back to a healthy weight. Here's what worked for him.

Weight Management

For overweight children 7 and older, the initial goal is to keep them from gaining more weight. Changes in eating habits and exercise are gradually introduced to trim pounds.

What You Need to Know BEFORE Game Day

If you're like most Americans, the Big Game usually comes with a four-hour binge on pizza, queso and beer. If your plans for this Sunday sound similar, listen up. Dr. Martin has advice on how NOT to end up in a food coma -- and some other tips for this weekend's festivities.

Why the Pounds Just Roll Off Your Husband ... But You Can't Drop an Ounce

Why do men seem to lose weight at the snap of a finger, while women can work their butts off without, well, working their butts off? Diana Keough explains.

Healthy Eating During Adolescence

Encourage your teen to eat three balanced meals a day, with fruits or vegetables as snacks.

Weight Quiz

Answer this one: An overweight person with high blood pressure should pay more attention to a low-sodium diet than to weight reduction.

Adult Body Mass Tool

Don’t just trust your scale to tell you if you are too heavy. The tool uses not just what you weigh, but also how tall you are. The goal for most people is a score between 18 and 25.

Healthy Living

Fly Through Airport Security with Your New Joint

Some joint implants can set off security alarms in airports. Follow these tips on traveling after joint replacement surgery.