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Does your diet need a nutritional tune-up? A healthful diet doesn't have to be bland and boring.

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Dietary Supplement Quiz

Many Americans take vitamins, minerals, or other dietary supplements every day without knowing enough to ensure optimum results.

Fact or Fiction: Will Thanksgiving Turkey Make You Tired?

You've probably heard rumors about tryptophan. For those that haven't, tryptophan is the substance in turkey that supposedly makes you sleepy. We set out to learn if there's any truth to that. Here are our findings.

Fiber Quiz

How much fiber should you consume? Is there more than one kind of fiber? What foods contain fiber? Test your knowledge about fiber by taking the Fiber Quiz.

Folic Acid for a Healthy Baby

Getting enough folic acid can reduce the risk for neural tube defects (NTDs) and may also reduce the risk for other serious birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.

Foods You Might Be Eating Wrong: 3 Tips to Get the Most from Your Produce

We all know fruits and veggies are good for you. But do you know the best ways to prepare them for the most vitamins and nutrients? Dr. Martin schools us all.

Goodbye to Fad Diets: Hello to a Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean diet is really a lifestyle -- and it's great for your health.

Healthy Snacks Quiz

Don’t feel guilty about snacking! Eating small, frequent meals can help you control your weight and stay fueled throughout the day. Just make sure your snacks—and those you serve your kids—are nutritious.

Herb and Spice Quiz

True or false: When I use herbs and spices, I don’t need to worry about following strict rules about combining certain herbs and spices with certain foods.

Here's Where the Paleo Diet Fails

Following the paleo diet means literally going against the grain. Licensed dietitian Rachel Baer explains why grains are an essential part of the human diet, and helps us find the whole ones.

How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Is it really necessary for us to drink 8 glasses of water a day or is that just an urban legend?